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We are the sole UK agents for Dreher.

Dreher granulators are renowned for durability and being capable of standing up to hard continuous use which is prerequisite for blow moulding operations.

Their construction is exceptionally heavy duty, and designed to cope with the excess demands of the process, whilst continuing to always produce consistent top quality granulate with minimum dust, fines and wastage, even after years of continuous operation. We are still servicing Dreher machines which are over forty years old and operating as well now as ever!

Old Drehers don't die, they just keep on turning!

The current range includes the larger machine for which Dreher has been so famous, but now offers also the specially designed Delta series which incorporate special features for use with blow moulding operations.
These machines are intended for beside the press operation and take up minimum floor space due to their compact design and attention to the detailed features unique to blow moulding. They are complete regrind handling systems to complement all high output blowmoulding machines.

Image of a Dreher Machine Image of a Dreher powder mill Image of a Dreher Machine

Details of the full range can be found on the Dreher website.

DREHER Distinguishing Points

  • Smooth running and a low noise level are the result of a solid and compact constructed cutting chamber. The solid rotors, lathed and milled out of a full bar of steel have a high torque, and avoid a deposit of the cut material on its surface.
  • The cutting blades out of high-tensile steel are integrated in the rotor on their whole length and do not need to be adjusted, even after several regrind operations. Due to this, the rotor will be lifetime dynamically balanced.
  • The real helical cut with a constant gap between rotary and stationary blades over the whole length of the rotor causes low dust development and reduces the electrical power consumption.
  • The oversized flanges increase the smooth running conditions and keep the noise level low.
  • Optionally full soundproofing is available. The soundproof cabin keeps the noise down to a level of 85 dB(A).
  • All Dreher Cutting Mills chambers can be opened at the middle of the axis of the rotor. This always guarantees an easy access to the cutting chamber in case of a change of the material. The screen can also be swung of which assures a quick cleaning of the rotor.
  • During the whole operation period of our cutting mills Dreher guarantees a quick and efficient service.

About Dreher

DREHER in Aachen, Germany, was founded 50 years ago by Heinrich Dreher, and today is a well managed, family company with long standing, experienced employees, engineers and technicians. They are a reliable partner for the whole plastic industry, and have produced over 12,000 cutting mills and plants, all over the world.

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