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Image of a small it-autec's company logoWe are the sole UK agents for Extraplast.

Image of an Extraplast machineExtraplast is a new name for the UK for blow moulding machines, but is already well established in Germany and across Europe. Run by former Fischer manager Heinz-Peter Forsbach, and now operating from the Battenfeld-Fischer plant in Troisdorf, Extraplast have been supporting Fischer machine users for some years, especially since the demise of Fischer W Mueller and later SIG Blowtec, supplying spare parts and service as well as complete machine rebuilds by experienced former Fischer and Krupp Kautex engineers.

They have developed their own unique systems, such as quick colour change devices and hydraulic energy saving principles, which are incorporated into complete new machine lines, as well as continuing to offer updated versions of the world renowned Fischer range of blow moulding machines.

Full details are available on the Extraplast website.
(The website is currently only in German, for more details in English please contact us directly)

Extraplast Products

Extraplast, in Troisdorf, Germany, has a range of 8 extrusion blow machines, with extruder sizes from 50 to 150 mm, and accumulator head options from 0.5 to 60 litres. Coex heads up to 7 layers built by W Muller are available.

Extraplast can also build special machines for the production of 3D automotive parts using parison manipulation or suction blow.

Energy Saving

Image of an Extraplast machineEnergy saving is a focus for their machines. This comes from the use of electric drive and hydraulic energy recovery across the range of medium and large machines, as well as small bottle machines. The optional energy saving hydraulic system reduces the power required for mould closing, especially on large machines, which can halve the machine's power consumption. Their machines also take up half the space needed by other equivalents, and they weigh half as much.

As their UK agent, Proma Machinery has submitted the energy saving features of the Extraplast machines to the DTI for acceptance into the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme, and the Climate Change Levy Discount Scheme, as part of the Carbon Trust's initiative for promoting energy saving systems in industrial processes.

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