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Image of Plasmatreat's company logoPlasmatreat (UK) Ltd. is our sister company.

Plasma treatment of plastic surfaces is the most effective method of cleaning and activating moulded parts to allow gluing, printing or other bonding with simple adhesive systems on materials normally regarded as difficult, if not impossible, to bond.

  • Water based adhesive labels can be used on Polyolefine bottles, even PP.
  • HDPE technical parts or toys can be painted with high quality surface finishes or even overmoulded with dissimilar materials such as TPU.
  • All parts can be coated with barrier enhancing materials to improve permeation properties.
The potential for application using parts treated with Plasma are endless.

Image of a PlasmajetUntil recently treating anything other than small detail areas required the use of off-line vacuum plasma equipment but now atmospheric plasma systems produced by Plasmatreat allow the online treatment of complete parts without the use of low pressure chambers.

Plasmatreat UK Ltd. is the UK subsidiary of Plasmatreat GmbH, and is our sister company here operating from the same premises as Proma Machinery.

Full details are available on our Plasmatreat website.

About Plasmatreat GmbH

Since 1995 the company, which has technology centres in Germany, the Unites States and in Japan, has focused its activities on the development of atmospheric-pressure plasma processes. Today Openair® plasma technology is already represented internationally by numerous patents in almost all areas of surface treatment. These are constantly being extended by new developments and markets.

Growing requirements arising from new industry standards, the highest demands for clean and reliable processes and also the implementation of solutions quite specific to a customer's manufacturing process are typical of the challenges that our customers confront us with.

Image of Plasma striking a surface
Plasma striking the surface
of the material
Image of Plasma jet
Plasma jet for large
treatment widths
Image of Openair® plasma jet
Openair® plasma jet
for various applications

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